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Sales Outlets

Due to COVID restrictions, events are very limited for 2021. There are a number of locations that carry a selection of my products. I am at Mill Market each Saturday with a full display.

Past events

Feb 6 - Dec 31

Home Bakehouse, bed, breakfast

Home BnB is a local bakery and bnb in Sault Ste Marie. They have a number of my products

Feb 6 - Dec 18

Mill Market Sault Ste Marie

Mill Market is a Farmer's market in Sault Ste Marie where The Turning Point has a sales booth.

9:00am - 2:00pm EST

35 Canal Drive, Sault Ste Marie

Feb 4 - Dec 31

Cheeky Bee Candle Company

The Cheeky Bee is a store located in Warkworth, Ontario

Warkworth Ontario

Feb 4 - Dec 31

Nip and Tuck store

Nip and Tuck is a store located in Bruce Mines Ontario

Feb 4 - Dec 31

Art Gallery of Algoma

The Art Gallery of Algoma operates a gallery store featuring local artists.

Feb 4 - Dec 31

Landing and Company

Landing and Company is a store located in Richards Landing, St. Joseph Island, Ontario

Richards Landing Ontario

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